How To Choose Sunglasses for the oblong-shaped face?

How To Choose Sunglasses: oblong-shaped face?

Choosing sunglasses for the oblong-shaped face is simple, Just keep in mind that the perfect sunglasses can transform your look, and they are extremely practical accessories. Not only do they guard your eyes against the harmful rays of the sun, but they also prevent wrinkles. Plus, the right sunglasses make you feel cool.

How to Pick the best eyewear for your face shape?

There are so many options to choose from for your new pair of sunglasses, which can make the process fun but also a little intimidating. Start by choosing the right size and style of frames for your face shape. From there, you can decide on the lens color that best suits your needs. Take your time to make your decision and enjoy your new and improved pair of sunglasses!

Dear gentleman, If your idea of buying sunglasses is to try on a variety of pairs and look in the mirror, these instructions will take it to another level. Have you ever thought about UV protection? Have you ever thought about durability? Have you ever thought about visibility? Have you ever thought about the shape of your head and face? There is more to buying sunglasses than looking good!

How to choose the perfect sunglasses for the oblong-shaped face?

Oblong faces, also called rectangular, are narrow and long with few angles. The oversized sunglasses work especially well with an oblong-shaped face. Plus, larger wayfarer or rectangular lenses and chunky rimmed sunglasses add width to a long face.

Basically, almost everything works, it’s up to you to decide which style you prefer the most. Don’t move overboard with oversized frames because you don’t want them to outshine your natural beauty!

Oblong face shapes are characterized by balanced facial features. Face length is about twice as long as it is wide, barely narrower at the jaw than at the temples. People with oblong faces have a chin narrower than the forehead and high cheekbones. You can have a slightly rectangular face with more defined angular features. Oblong faces are a bit longer and narrower unlike oval faces,

Choosing glasses for oblong-shaped faces seems to be the easiest as you can wear any style of frame if they are sized correctly. Mostly, any type of sunglasses frame will compliment your face shape due to its natural balance between forehead, chin, and cheeks.

How To Choose Sunglasses for the oblong-shaped face
Example of Sunglasses for the oblong-shaped face

To do:

  • The best glasses for men with oblong-shaped faces should be geometrically square or rectangular.
  • Choose bold shapes that keep your face balanced.
  • Rounded corners work well with your face type as they highlight the cheekbones and give them a more streamlined look.

Not to do:

  • The very circular rounded glasses or oversized glasses aren’t a good choice, because may take away the natural symmetry of your face.

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