Men’s Sunglasses Tips

How To Choose Sunglasses for the round-shaped face?

How To Choose Sunglasses: round-shaped face?

How to choose the perfect sunglasses for the round-shaped face?
Round Face: A round face has a plump chin and cheeks. Choose square or polygonal sunglasses that have an angular design to balance that out. Look for thicker frames.

How To Choose Sunglasses for the oblong-shaped face?

How To Choose Sunglasses: oblong-shaped face?

Oblong faces, also called rectangular, are narrow and long with few angles. The oversized sunglasses work especially well with an oblong-shaped face. Plus, larger wayfarer or rectangular lenses and chunky rimmed sunglasses add width to a long face.

How To Choose Sunglasses: heart-shaped face?

How To Choose heart Shaped Face Sunglasses?

Choosing sunglasses for a heart-shaped face is more difficult to put on a pair of glasses. So, the rather thin chin is counterbalanced by a wider forehead. The goal of the game will therefore be to avoid adding volume to the upper half of the face. But that’s precisely where the glasses come in.

How To Choose Sunglasses for the oval-shaped face?

How To Choose Oval Shaped Face Sunglasses?

If you are blessed with this classic shape, which is slightly longer than they are wide with a slightly curved chin, that is to say, an oval face is slightly narrower at the jawline than at the temples, creating a shape that is flattered by just about any frame.